All aspects of edible landscape design are installed using ecological, integrated permaculture principles .
Soil is improved organically, using natural fertilisers and moisture retaining techniques.
Pests are deterred by introducing biodiversity and encouraging natural predators.
Beautiful, organic, edible landscapes are created in all sizes and situations from a small back garden, a workplace or community space to a small-holding.

Herb Spiral

Do you want to start producing food that you feel good about eating and feeding to those that you love, but are not in a position at the moment to totally overhaul your entire garden/land? You can still achieve this by implementing a design in phases.
An ideal starting point could be the herb spiral which, despite its name lends itself to a wide variety of food crops in addition to herbs, these could include tomatoes, onions or salad crops.
From 1m diameter upwards, herb spirals can be created in a variety of materials and are low maintenance.
As herb spirals create a number of microclimates depending on the position in the spiral, plants of differing needs can all be grown in the same small area.

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The magic of water can be incorparated into any design and can be another good starting point for implementing a design in phases.
Inspired by mountain streams and the powerfully revitalizing properties of naturally purified water, flowforms use water itself as a force for change.
Utilising a figure of eight flow pattern called the Lemniscate, which gently folds oxygen into the moving water, Flowform treated water generates negative ions, healthy and naturally occurring charged particles that have positive effects on mood and energy.

The Magic of Water


Edible Landscaping

Are you seeking to transform your entire landscape giving you the ability to just step outside into your own garden to harvest the entire contents for your dinner? Food is healthy and natural with maximum nutrients & taste. Using a large proportion of perennial varieties ensures abundant production, year after year, creating food security & minimising the maintenance required.
Interspersing annual varieties amongst the perennials coupled with companion planting techniques not only lessens the chance of attack by pests but also attracts pollinating insects and improves the growth of the plants. The garden in this picture is planted purely with edible varieties.

Are you happy with the current layout/appearance of your garden/landscape but would like it to become a self-sustaining, naturally abundant, edible ecosystem? Food-scaping your current environment using permaculture principles may be the answer you are looking for. Why not food? Permaculture food systems are multi-functional, beautiful, productive & regenerative; having the ability to produce vegetables and fruits in abundance, year after year, with little maintenance. .
Containing plants that are equally as beautiful as they are edible, foodscapes can be achieved anywhere. Fruit & Nut trees, Swiss Chard, Kale, Scarlet Runner Beans, peppers, wild strawberries & edible flowers; e.g. nasturtiums & pansies are all as stunning as any traditional garden plant.

Edible Landscaping

Perennial gardens build soil in the same way as nature, the plants naturally add more and more organic matter to the soil through the slow and steady decomposition of their leaves and roots, several plants are also ‘nitrogen fixers’, they add nitrogen to the soil, fertilising it naturally. There will still be room for your favourite annual crops as well.
We incorporate a wide diversity of tree fruits, nuts and berries, perennial vegetables such as asparagus, rhubard, wild leeks, scarlet runner bean & kale and flowering herb plants that are not only edible they also attract beneficial insects and pollinators.
Using Permaculture principals creates self-sustaining, naturally abundant, edible ecosystems in the same way that nature does. Each part of the system has many functions and interacts with many other parts – the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts.

We are happy to undertake full or part installations of your agreed final design.

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