How to Grow Guides

How to Grow Guides

Developing your own food security, moving toward self-resilience and sustainability is becoming more essential in our ever-changing world. You will find all you need to know about planting, growing and harvesting your own food in our ‘How to Grow Guides’.

Use permaculture principles, grow perennial plants as nature intended, naturally and plant in guilds (a type of companion planting). This enables the plants to look after themselves, each other, the soil and US.

These A-Z guides will build into a resource of information and guides on pests and diseases and how to deal with them naturally will follow.

Please bear with us whilst we construct these pages – as you will see this is a pretty mammoth task.

How to Grow Fruit

Fruit tress and bushes are perennials (they live for several years) so once planted you get a harvest year after year.
Fruit that you buy in the supermarket is very often picked before it is fully ripe so that it can finish ripening on its journey to the store. During that journey it will have been refridgerated, again to slow its process. It never reaches the full flavour that it can achieve whilst still attached to its parent, and once detached it starts the process of deteriorating. How long that journey takes; from picking, through transporting and sitting on shelves in warehouses and then the shop can be far longer than we imagine. 
Growing your own allows you to leave the fruit until the moment of perfection when it is fully ripe, if you are anything like me the journey from plant to mouth is very often only seconds. The taste is out of this world.


Growing your own fruit

How to Grow Hedgerow Herbs

We have been using herbs; particularly the wild kind, now called hedgerow herbs, for our health and well-being from when herbs and mankind were first on the face of this Earth together.

Known as ‘Herb-craft’ this is an ancient knowledge that we have only recently forgotten. It is about knowing how to identify the right plants, knowing what their properties are, knowing what you can use them for and probably most importantly knowing HOW to use them.

The safest way to acquire hedgerow herbs today is to grow our own (or buy dried from a reputable supplier). When we grow our own plants we are in control of what we do and do not treat them with. The How to Grow Guide contains and A-Z of Hedgerow Herbs.


Hedgerow Herb - Wild Garlic, Ransomes - Allium ursinum

How to Grow Perennial Vegetables

The difference between shop bought and home grown veg is immense. Shops concentrate of the appearance of the veg (they like them to look pretty), how well they travel, how well they store and how much profit they can get off them. When you grow veg, you grow them for their flavour and their nutrients; the taste is exceptional.
Perennial vegetables are a joy to grow and require a lot less time and effort than annuals; they need less tillage than conventional vegetables and so help retain carbon in the soil, the soil structure is not disturbed in their cultivation and they extend the harvesting season, especially in early spring.

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How to grow vegetables