Chris Hurst (PDC)

Chris Hurst

As a child I was taught the ‘Old Ways’ by my grandparents. This included all sorts of strange things such as which nights of the year to leave food/drink out for the FaeFolk to keep them sweet and some very interesting folklore and customs/practices. Most importantly it also taught me self-resilience; how to grow my own food, how to forage and how to identify wild foods (it also taught me some strange recipes as to what to do with the things you had gathered).

One of the key aspects of the ‘Old Ways’ was a respect, love and reverence for the natural world; something that has always travelled with me. As a teenager I spent many years working on local farms at weekends and during school holidays, gathering more knowledge and skills. By my late teens I was an eco-warrior and went on to study conservation at university.

I grew up (I think, maybe) and had kids of my own, trying to pass on the knowledge taught by my grandparents and learned through ‘polyculture farming’; especially the self-resilience. Whenever we moved (which was frequent), I designed a new garden, working with nature, to get the highest yield to feed ourselves. In 2009 I undertook an intensive Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, throught the Permaculture Association, at Keveral Farm in Cornwall. I am now currently undertaking the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, again with Permaculture Association.