Welcome to our Permaculture Site

Welcome to our Permaculture Site

Permaculture – taking you to beyond organic

Let us help your garden to help you – by creating a stunning edible landscape that will produce wholesome, healthy food for you and your family. Using Permaculture principals to grow in the same way that nature grows can give you up to 7 times more produce, needing less maintenance and still look amazing.

“Permaculture, originally ‘Permanent Agriculture’, is often viewed as a set of gardening techniques, but it has in fact developed into a whole design philosophy, and for some people a philosophy for life. Its central theme is the creation of human systems which provide for human needs, but using many natural elements and drawing inspiration from natural ecosystems. Its goals and priorities coincide with what many people see as the core requirements for sustainability.” Emma Chapman

Our designs and master-plans help you to achieve your goals of becoming self-sufficienct; producing food that you feel good about eating and feeding to those that you love, from a self-sustaining, naturally abundant, edible ecosystem.
In the garden pictured, everything is edible.
From small back gardens, schools, business or community projects to small farms, we create designs for any size of project.
Browse through some of the elements that can be incorporated into designs.

All aspects of edible landscape design are installed using ecological, integrated permaculture principles
Soil is improved organically, using natural fertilisers and moisture retaining techniques. 
Pests are deterred by introducing biodiversity and encouraging natural predators. 
Beautiful, organic, edible landscapes are created in all sizes and situations from a small back garden, a workplace or community space to a small-holding.

Earth- worm

Putting the Burms to Bed

My cousin Sue was visiting – it was a bright, sunny, spring day. The sky was blue and all was well with the world. We were in the back garden, dad was digging one of the borders getting ready to plant out what would become our supply of summer food. I remember as a child … Read morePutting the Burms to Bed

Tree Roots

‘Roots’ is a Weird Word

Welcome to ‘Roots’ our Permaculture blog. Now you are wondering why ‘roots’ is a weird word and apart from ‘roots’ being the things that plants and trees have, what the hell has its weirdness got to do with Permaculture? It goes without saying that ‘roots’ is a four-lettered word; albeit not what we usually mean … Read more‘Roots’ is a Weird Word