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Permaculture = Earth Care – People Care – Future Care

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Edible Landscape Design

Design Process

Permaculture design is about more than just choosing the right things; it is about how we have connected them together, their relationship with each other and their relationship with the site. It is an intelligent, conscious design.

This process is informed by the landscape itself and using the same principles that nature uses, we are able to create a resilient and sustainable low input, high output system.

The Design Process is itself a ‘feedback loop’* designed to work in the same way that feedback loops in nature work. It creates designs for the real world, where things evolve and change happens.

Permanence is not about everything staying the same. It is about stability, about deepening soils & cleaner water, it is about thriving.

(*A feedback loop is a closed system in which the wastes are reintegrated as resources).

Design Elements

Permaculture is not just gardening, but a sustainable design system that makes all of the elements in it—energy, shelter, plants, animals, water, people, etc—work together efficiently.

Using Permaculture principals, to grow in the same way that nature grows, can give you up to 7 times more produce, needing far less maintenance. An edible landscape is achieved that will produce wholesome, healthy food for you and your family.

A permaculture design is made up of many different elements, each element is designed to perform many functions.

From small back gardens to schools, businesses, community projects or small farms, we can create designs for any size of project.

Our designs help you to achieve your goals. Helping you to produce food that you feel good about eating and feeding to those that you love.

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A Learning Landscape

We offer a range of Permaculture, Garden/Land-Management, Food Production/Preservation and Sustainability/Environmental learning opportunities.
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Talks can be booked by any group or organisation; they can also be tailored to a groups specific requirements.


Our workshops are half-day or evening (approx 3 hours) and are suitable people aged 16 yrs +


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Courses are taught either as intensive full days + or modular over several weeks. Suitable for people 16 yrs + they can be taught at a range of venues from private to colleges, workplaces or community.